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Solid Lotion Bar

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Solid Lotion Bar
Solid Lotion Bar

If you're like I was when I first heard the words solid lotion bar then you're thinking, "Whaaaaat?" Never fear! It's not as strange as it sounds. Solid lotion bars are simply all the fabulous skin loving oils and butters that we put into lotion minus the water and (depending on what you use) not so fabulous chemicals. To use a lotion bar you just rub it on to your skin or between your palms (not too hard, a little goes a long way) and the heat of your skin will melt the bar a bit leaving you with the good stuff to massage in the rest of the way. Voila! Stick the bar back in the tin and off you go. See? Not that strange at all. Oh, and our bees work very hard to bring you only the finest beeswax and sweetest honey.

2 oz bar

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Honey

Please be aware that these bars will melt if left in a hot environment (in your back pocket, in a hot car, on top of the stove, etc.) 

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